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FANUC A57L-0001-0037/B Head Sensor MACOME FSH-1378 for CNC Machine-tools Spindle position and orientation.

This FANUC A57L-0001-0037/B Proximity sensor type MACOME FSH-1378 is designed to detect a Fanuc spindle’s home position. Following 2 types of analog voltage are output simultaneously.

Stock available online at

HEIDENHAIN HR410 Handwheel for CNC Machine-Tools fitted with an electronic portative handwheel to control positions of axes.

Blackbird and a Northrop B-2 Spirit Landing

Blackbird and a Northrop B-2 Spirit Landing

ISHAN YET-A2 Microcomputer Piston Lubricator system for CNC Machine-tools with CE approval. Lubrication and intermittent time can be adjusted. Stock available on

Three operation modes as,

a. Lubrication: The lubricator runs via lubrication time after power-on.

b. Intermittence: The lubricator runs via intermittent time after power-on.

c. Memory: The lubricator runs via the previous set after power-on.

Beautiful Rafale over Dubai for the Dubai Airshow (Aerospace & Aviation) A98L-0031-0025

YAMATAKE SL1-A Limit switch (Microswitch, Roller switch) available at Cnc-shopping.

MITSUBISHI MR-S1-100-E01 Servo Amplifier for Mazak Machine-Tools

Russian Mi-26 - Nouveaux produits cnc


One Trillion Sensors Embedded in Humans and Machines by 2020

According to scientists, humanity has begun its next major shift: we are now entering the “Hybrid Age”. Across the entire range of scientific and technological disciplines changes are occurring that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

Full Story: IndustryTap via mdt

(Source: emergentfutures)

Maho Philips 432 CNC Operator panel keyboard for CNC Maho Machine-tools with obsolete control

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